Waxing at Home?

Removing hair by waxing is where a warmed waxy substance is applied to skin. The wax binds the hair to a strip of cloth, which is then pulled off in the opposite direction of growth. The hair is removed from the roots so it takes longer to grow back. The hair needs to be about ¼ inch to obtain optimal results. This gives the wax something to bind with and reduces the risk of hairs being left behind. The pain factor could be high, but the first time hurts the most. After the first time the hair grows in thinner. So after a couple times it hurts a bit less. Your results from waxing should last about 2 to 6 weeks.

As Owner of Destenee Salon and Spa, I would suggest that you go to and book an appointment for a waxing service. However, if you want to try it yourself, here is my advice:

• As stated previously, ¼ inch of growth is required for optimal results. If you have more than that I would recommend trimming it first to that length. Longer hair tends to clump with the wax and increase the pain factor. If you have less than ¼ inch I suggest that you wait.

• Always use a cleanser prior to waxing. I suggest that you use something with an antiseptic to help minimize skin irritations after waxing.

• Apply a thin coat of baby powder to the area to be waxed. This will help to absorb moisture and prevent the wax from adhering to the skin. We want to remove wax and hair, not skin!

• Be sure that the wax isn’t too hot. If it is too hot it will cause a blister that will most likely be pulled off with the wax. Test the wax on the back of your hand first. Also, never let the wax get too low. When there is not enough wax in the pot the temperature of the wax goes up quickly.

• Apply the wax with a wooden applicator to a small area. Apply the wax with the direction of hair growth. If the wax is too hot, fan the applicator gently. Do not blow on the wax.

• Place the cloth strip on the wax and press it. Never rub the strip as rubbing the strip will increase the chances of skin irritations. Let the wax cool and adhere to the hair.

• Pull the skin taut and pull the cloth strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Do this as fast as you possibly can and keep your hand as close to the skin as you can. When you have the strip completely removed, apply firm pressure to the area just waxed. A quick pull and immediate pressure will help to minimize the pain. (If the pain is too intense, wax smaller areas)

• Even the best waxers in the world will leave some stray hair behind. This is normal and you will need to tweeze the remaining hairs. Do not re-wax the same area.

• Apply aloe or hydrocortisone cream after waxing. If you are prone to skin irritations, I would recommend the hydrocortisone cream.

• Keep in mind that some skin irritations are completely normal and will subside once your skin gets used to waxing. The hair will continue to grow back, but will grow back thinner and be less painful with continued waxing.

With some practice this can be done at home. However, there are advantages to coming to Destenee Salon and Spa to have this service. The product that we use has a melting point just above body temperature. Our Waxing staff members are experts and do this continually. They have developed techniques that allow them to be quicker and cover larger areas. The tips and tricks that they have learned through time minimize pain and discomfort.