Bobbie’s Beauty Tip – Brushing Wet Hair

Are you brushing your hair wet? If you are, you are most likely damaging it. This is a little known fact. Most people believe that it is easier to get the tangles out of their hair while wet, but that is only because the hair is breaking. Hair has natural hydrogen bonds in it and when it is wet, these bonds are weakened. As the hair dries, the bonds reform and the hair regains its strength.
My advice is to gently squeeze excess water from the hair. Squeeze, not wring. A wringing motion puts unnecessary pressure on wet hair and can cause breakage. Don’t be too aggressive with towel drying. Towel drying hair can have the same effect. Instead, pat your hair dry with towel. I recommend that you always use a detangling product (Paul Mitchell Baby Don’t Cry Detangling Spray)or leave in (Paul Mitchell Super Strong Liquid Treatment)conditioner to start the detangling process. Work it through your hair with your fingers or a wide tooth comb and always work from the ends to the root. Air drying your hair is best for its health, but if you must dry your hair, use low heat and speed and get it 80% dry before using a brush to style it.