Corrective Hair Color Demystified in Chapel Hill, Part 3

What is Corrective Color? My hair is brassy and uneven!!! Pt. 3

Often times when trying to go blonde at home, or sometimes even in the salon, your blonde ends up being uneven and brassy. Never fear, your salon professional is here!
The first step in this corrective color service is a thorough evaluation of the hair’s strength to see what the hair can handle. This evaluation helps the stylist to select the right plan of action.
Next a lightening process may be needed to ensure even color from roots to ends to lighten any darker or brassy areas all to an even palette to work on further.
Then the stylist will be able to see what the next step is. Usually this step is a color application. Sometimes, the color application is simply what you desire to be, and others there is the need to neutralize some unwanted warmth. Either way, rest assured that a true Professional would keep the integrity of your hair in mind when working through your hair color challenges.