Corrective Hair Color Demystified Part 2

My hair color is too dark!!!

So, you try to color your roots again, but things get a little messy and instead of just coloring your roots, you have colored all the hair on your head. Now its way too dark!!! What do you do?
The only safe and reliable way to get rid of that dark hair color is to step into a salon. This is what is refered to in the salon as “corrective color.” You may think the only option is to bleach the color out, but that is not exactly the wise thing to do. Here is how most Professional Stylist attack your problem.
After consulting with the guest and determining a desired end color result, the stylist may proceed to escort the guest to the Wash House to begin a process known as “Color Balancing,” or a “shampoo cap.” This involves using equal parts lightener, developer, and a gentle shampoo on the hair to remove the dark color from the hair. The process takes a few minutes and is normally watched carefully by the stylist. Often times this process can yield a very warm, red or orange looking result, this is often from the at-home color that was used. This is where the stylist’s true colors shine. The stylist will then turn to color, permanent or demi-permanent, to neutralize the warmth and get you as close to your desired result as possible in that visit.
Often times, this type of corrective color can take multiple visits to achieve the overall desired result and maintain your hair’s integrity, so be patient and relax. You are in the hands of a Professional!

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