Corrective Hair Color Demystified in Chapel Hill, Part 1

What is Corrective Color?

Have you ever been to a salon to get your hair colored and had your stylist say, “We have a ‘corrective color’ on our hands?” I’m sure you probably wondered what they meant by “corrective color.” When it comes to professional color services there is a lot of jargon thrown around that guests may not be able to understand, and “corrective color” is one of them.
Corrective color can refer to the process of correcting a wide variety of challenges with a guests’ hair color. One challenge is that the guest has been using an at home coloring product and has layered color over color until it is way too dark to manage. Sometimes a guest decides to go blonde at home and this results in an uneven, brassy, orange color. There is always the case that a guest has been receiving professional salon color services, but the last time they received color something went wrong and now they are in someone else’s chair to fix it.
If you are challenged by one of the aforementioned problems, DON’T FRET! Corrective color services in salons are more common than you may think. A good, educated stylist can evaluate your situation and put you on your way to the hair color you’ve always wanted.

Stay tuned for “What is Corrective Color? Pt. 2” where we will discuss some methods used in the salon to correct color challenges.

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